Test Project reliability and latest Beta Support

Hello ,

I was having some reliability issues obsered on Test project agents it seems it gets halted after a while if test project is not being used for some time and it requires user to manually restart the agent.

Secondly, Do we have support of remote on latest beta versions of IOS i.e IOS16 and IOS 15.6? . i see below error on screen when i attempt to take remote of it.

Have the same issue. Cannot run tests for iPhone 12, iOS 15.6

Facing the same issue after recent upgrade to iOS 15.6.
Can someone from TestProject team look into this ?

Even I’m facing the same issue, can anyone from support team look into this issue?

@eldar we are also facing same issue , we are also unable to run testproject with IOS 15.6 & we are unable to downgrade IOS version. We are blocked on this. so requesting you that please provide some solution for this.