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Test Project is not deleting data on which we are testing

hey, i want to know when i record the script with test project it creates permanent data on my site and do not drop it after recording how i can drop the data so no duplicate data create?

Hi @abdulwadoodaziz. Can you please elaborate a bit more about what data do you mean?

Are you talking about cookies and local storage, or is it something different?

i want to say when i record the script from test project then it creates data like i want to store some value and record it then after test it permanent creates the value in db of production or staging but in testing it should clear the data after performing test? for example if i run the same test then value is there not clear on production so test fails

Hi @abdulwadoodaziz.
You can easily access your data base and clean the entries from it with one of our addons, depends on what exact DB you’re using for your web site.

For example an MySQL DB addon which allows send queries to your DB.


The Host is either an address to the server where the DB is stored and the Port under which you can access it.
Username and Password - credentials for authentication.
DbName is the name of exact Data Base to which you want to access, for example “USERS”.
And the query to send to your DB to perform some action. In your case is do delete values or a complete table from DB.
‘DELETE FROM activeUsers_tbl WHERE user_Name=‘Demo’;’
‘DROP TABLE table_name ;’

Here’s also full list of Data Base addons available on TestProject at this moment :slight_smile: