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Test Project Agent Starting ADB server on non default port

Once the test project agent detects android device, from a command prompt “adb devices” does not list the device though the device is listed as connected in test runner agent → devices.

From the test project agent logs it looked like, the agent starts the adb server on a different port.

Is there a way to make the test project agent use already running adb server in the machine? We have some other applications which uses adb and this change in port number while test project agent is running is impacting other applications.

The agent by default is looking for ADB process with a specific bridge level, if it doesn’t detect one, it will start a new process.
If you will run your prior services with ADB process that use Bridge version: 1.0.41
To check the agent bridge version:

C:\Program Files\TestProject Agent\app\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb version

the agent should automatically bind to the running process instead of starting a new one.
If the bridge version have a mismatch the agent will not be able use the existing ADB process.
and instead will start a new one.