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Test parameters - set on Job not on test

I would like to suggest an improvement. I am writing tests in c#, parameters are a great tool but it could be better.
My case which I am not able to do now:
I have a test named (ExampleTest)
Two jobs (BetaJob, AlphaJob) each of those contains Example test
If i could set diferent parameters for
ExampleTest ran within BetaJob than
ExampleTest ran within AlphaJob it would be great.

Hello and thanks your suggestion.
We are always looking to improve, and extremely value community feedback.

What you are describing is possible by using data driven testing.

You can create a .csv data file, that you will be able to fill in with your parameter values.


You can have multiple .csv data files for the same tests, you will only need to select the one you want to use for your test before executing.

You can have the same test in your job, but it will use a different data source file for each test run. Or the same test in different jobs using a different data source file.


For each row in your .csv file, the test will run once the entire row of values from the .csv file.

I would also like to mention that due to popular demand, we are just about to release an API later tonight that will allow you to override parameters/test in jobs in real time. I’ll send a link once it’s available.
Here is the API now after release:

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