Test Fails to Swipe

Does anyone have issues with swiping in TestProject? I have tried both the Swipe to Element step and the “Make a Swipe gesture” step. Sometimes (like right now), my tests will “run” this step, but nothing happens. And then my tests fail, even though there’s nothing wrong. I can’t figure out what causes it or how to fix it. Sometimes it just starts working again randomly.

Not sure the steps within your test but I know I have had to add pauses prior to running the swipe step. What platform is this for (iOS, Android)?

This is for iOS. I think I’ve tried that before, but with no luck. I will try again though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Stuart – I added a 5 second pause prior to swiping, but it didn’t do anything. What’s weird is that if I run the test step by step, everything works fine.

I was able to get the swiping to work on a physical iOS device. It seems to be a TestProject bug with the iOS simulators.