Test execution fails to start after selecting run test from UI

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie at TestProject. I have started to explore and have created a test for website testing.
The test is created and the steps recorded using the TestProject recording tool. The agent on my system is running correctly and hence I am able to record my steps.

However, whenever I try to run the tests from the app.testproject.io site, it does not execute the tests. It also does not show up in pending under Monitor section. Until, I open a recorder window again and close it. Only then it will execute the test.

Can anyone please help me resolve this?
I am using Windows 11 and TestProject Agent 3.4.1

Hi @kjoshi :slight_smile: ,

Did you try to reinstall the agent?

@alex.ivanov, The agent recently got updated and the installer was run at that point. Will try to completely un-install and re-install the agent. Will keep you updated when I do so.

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