Test Details Dialog Box Description Area is Unavailable for Documentation Needs

When I am running my Formal Test, I need to document what the SRS ver, App ver, Website ver, etc are for that test run so that it shows at the top of the Detailed pdf report. The “Name” field does not allow a . The “tag” field is where I put the SRS tags that are being tested. I will use that for the generation of my Trace Matrix. That leaves the “Description” field, which would be ideal for my documentation. However, that field is not displayed in the Detailed pdf Report.

Btw, when I download it as a Manual Test, I do see the Description field data that was entered. So how do I get the “Description” field to show up in the Detailed pdf Report. Alternatively, where is another place for me to put test run documentation?

Hi @psansom,
Thanks for the suggestion; I will let you know if this is added to the roadmap.
Meanwhile, you can use a step with the ‘Report step message’ action.