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Test Data stored locally

Hi, I see this mentioend in FAQ:
TestProject uses certified services, such as AWS S3, to store your data. AWS also maintains the following certifications: HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3, Directive 95/46/EC and PCI DSS Level 1

What exactly has to be stored over in Test Project server vs what can we store locally? I’m a bit confused.

Hi @derekwrobel,

When you work with the platform the tests created by the recorder, the reports and data files you use are in the cloud servers, nothing is stored locally.

When you work with one of our SDKs the code you write is stored locally on your computer, and you have the option to upload it to the cloud as well. The reports will be in the cloud in this case as well.

Sorry fr the late reply. Ok, so if we have PII that won’t allow us to store logins, data (including reports since it can contain the data used), etc; are we able to set TestProject up to pull this from our local servers here? Or is this not possible?

You can add login data as secret parameter.


Thanks @guy.saban. That is good information to know, but if we still cannot get permission to store any of this remotely, I assume there is no way for us to use Test Project? As in, there is no option for us to be able to host the data/login/etc on our end?

You can read file from local machine during the test, but the content will appear in the report so I’m guessing it’s not relevant.
You can build the tests in the recorder with manual login, so the data won’t appear anywhere, and then generate the code. You will be able to run it from IDE on your local machine and still enjoy our the reports, it easy enough to prevent reporting from the code.

Appreciate all the replies. So I can better understand this now. So the tests, reports, elements and addons all have to be hosted, but as long as we read from our local storage for data, and make sure our reports do not include this detail, we should not be violating any PII or worry about sensitive data that could be exposed. Am I understanding this correct?

If you generate the code, basically you can delete the test in the platform, and than only the reports and the addons (unless you write you own addon they are already there) will be hosted in TestProject and everything will run locally. However you should keep those tests, if you need to update the scenarios in the future and don’t want to do it manually.
You can also upload the code you wrote back to the platform as coded test, it will run the code you wrote, including reading the files from local storage, but with the benefits of the platform.