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Test Case Management for Non-Automated Scenarios

In our organisation, we intend to use BDD to design and drive our test scenarios, which can then be automated (either within TestProject or our own framework) at a later stage.
We intend to use these test scenarios to build up our suites of regression tests.

This means at some stage during our sprint, we will have BDD test scenarios (written in Gherkin as .feature files), which will be manually tested initially, then scheduled for automation either at the end of the current or beginning of the next sprint.

In TestProject, is it possible for us to store non-automated Cucumber scenarios that are pending automation?
Is there also a feature that will allow us to map our Gherkin steps onto the automated steps we will subsequently create/record in TestProject?

Hello James,
We are currently working on the option to upload Cucumber tests to TestProject, this feature will be available in the future,
You will be able to upload your tests but it will not be possible to store manual tests in testproject cloud. However, you can simply generate a manual test out of an existing recorder test.
The option you will most likely have in the future is to add your Cucumber tests as nested tests,
Inside your existing recorded test, as you can do with other coded tests at the moment.

Hi Amit,

Thanks for the update. I look forward to the new features in the future.
It’s most probable that we will have manual (Cucumber Gherkin) tests that will need to be imported, in order to create a recorded test, rather than the opposite way around. The reason for this is, the manual test would serve as the driver for creating the steps of the recorded test.
Either way, I look forward to what you’ll be introducing in the future.