Test Agent not works after maintenance

It doesn’t see any agents after maintenance, even if the agents have been restarted

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Same here. In typical Tricentis fashion, they’ve wrecked the whole site once again. I’ve never seen quite so incompetent a company. Can’t even maintain a single program no longer receiving updates.

same here. I tried restarting it, restarting my computer, and even uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing is working so far

My Agent registered but is not getting information that allows me to run tests/jobs

The agents seem to show as Available, but trying to execute a Test they are not available to be selected for execution.

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I got same issue. All day getting 504 error, now finally I am able to login, but agent is not working, all the time it showing as Disconnected. Also, my team is not able to see the tests, see just empty account.

Seeing this issue as well. Colleagues in other timezones were not able to work because of the maintenance and then now all of my agents are not functioning and I cannot reconnect them to the platform… Any updates from support @eldar would be appreciated. I will be talking with my higher ups about switching off this platform today after 4 people putting in a year of work into developing a testing pipeline around this product. The state of the platform over the past few months has been very worrying.

Worrying is an understatement. And realistically, with only some maintenance being done, problems are only going to get worse. This has put a halt on an entire department’s work. Luckily, we have all hands on deck for manual testing in the meantime.

I hope things get better around here soon.

Since this morning, the test agent is not working.

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My team is experiencing the same issue. The local agents are not opening the recorder in a new window. This is preventing us from creating and editing our tests.

Looks like agents are working again

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Yep, mine is back up and running.
My agent information is displaying correctly, recorder is able to open and functions as expected, and overall lag with TestProject seems to have stopped.

My agent stopped working yesterday, I deleted and reregistered a new one and after a couple hours, started working again. But today it’s not working again.

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