Teams WebHook not working

Im trying to get my job results to MS Teams(We are not using slack) so created a incoming webhook in teams and tested in postman everything looks good with 200 Ok message, connected the same in testproject at job level with v3, but test project is unable to send the job completion status to teams? im unable to debug much here…does this work? or am i missing anything?

Hi @SaiManojKumar.Rudra

Hooking MS Teams is currently unsupported.
Please use email notifications as an alternative.

We will notify you when the support for MS Teams will be added.

Hi @marat got it thanks i was just trying with webhook because both testpoject and MS teams supports but looks like something is not correct. Ok thanks for the update.

Hello, Microsoft teams integration is now available:
Check this article for set-up:

Let us know in case you encounter any issue


Thank you i will give a try later today

worked perfectly fine, thanks guys

Feel free to reach out any time! :slight_smile: