Take screenshot for whole page, scrolling top to end [SOLVED]

Dear all,
I want to take screenshot for the entire/ full webpage, not only the visible part but whole page from top to bottom. Do we have any TestProject addon about this?

I found this but haven’t tried it yet, maybe you can try it?

Have you, by chance, tried the “Take a page screenshot” util? I’m having difficulty getting it to capture the whole page not just what is visible at the moment.

I’ve tried this one, unfortunately it only capture what is visible. You need to scroll down and repeat the steps. You will end up with multiple pictures.

You can use “Take page screenshot” with “Set window size” in headless browser.
With this, I was able to take full page screenshots


Thanks @monmonmorillo & @jurijs.bekajevs. I’ll have to see if I can implement the scrolling thing. The problem is, that I don’t know how much data will be on the page so I’m not sure if that may cause issues. I’m new to creating tests and TestProject.

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We’ll all a friendly bunch, I’m sure we’ll all help and learn from each other :slight_smile: