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Tag-driven jobs

Hello - I would like to suggest an enhancement to the ‘tag’ functionality in TestProject. I would love to see the ability to create dynamic jobs based on tags. For instance:

Configure a job, and define the tags for TESTS that should be part of the job (not just a tag for the job itself). Then upon saving the job, rather than manually populating all of the tests that should be part of the job, any tests with the defined tags would then be pulled into the job for execution.

Similar to query-driven suites in VSTS.

Please let me know if you need any more clarity for this suggestion/request. Thanks as always!

Thanks for the great suggestions, we have it on our roadmap already. hope you will see it in the next coming months there.

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That is great to hear! Thanks for the quick response as always! Is your roadmap available anywhere to view so that I can verify prior to posting whether or not something is already slated for development?