Tackling MFA authentication

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My website has a multifactor authentication with microsoft authenticator app on my mobile . So how do i get pass that so i can perform the actual website testing ?

If possible could you please have a call arranged to discuss on our requirement .

Thank you

Hi @bhavya.k ,
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Regarding this scenario, please follow these steps:

  1. Run this web test until the login authenticator.

  2. Create a separated mobile test that approves the authenticator, you need to use “get text” to store the authentication number in a project parameter ( you will need to use it later).

  3. Add a step with “HTTP POST REQUEST”.
    To fill the URL section, you will need to run an API test from the documentation with the correct Project ID and Test ID of the mobile test you did earlier.
    in the URL section, you will need to add the URL (Project ID and Test ID included).
    This step will run the mobile test.

  4. Add a step with “pause” action.
    Pause the test for as long as you think it will take the mobile test to approve the authenticator.

  5. Add a step with “type text” in the input you will need to add the project parameter you stored the authentication number at.

  6. Run the test.

Let me know if you managed, and if you have further questions please feel free to ask.

I would like to know more details on the requirements regarding the call.
If needed, you can always contact us with an email to our support@testproject.io

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