Table on JAR upload


I’m uploading a Java project using testng framework.
In the documentation, there is a table when the upload is done :

I don’t understand how to get this table.
Do you know what do I have to add to my script to get this ?

Hi @henri.jezo,

This table is presented once the uploaded JAR file is verified and valid. This table simply maps the input/output parameter you declared in your coded test.

If you cannot see this page, this probably means that the previous step has failed.

Hi @amit.yahav,

Thanks for your answer.
I can actually see this page, i just don’t get the table in it.
How do you declare input/ouput parameters in the coded test ? You simply add @Parameters in the code ?

Hi @henri.jezo,

You probably don’t see this table because you don’t have any input/output parameters in your test.
In our GitHub, you will find examples and documentation for coded tests.