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System down/Under maintenance?

Why is the system down at the moment?


I would like to know also, worst possible night for this to happen. I have a deploy happening in an hour.


is there any update regarding this?

When to expect the system is online again?

Hi All, we are experiencing some issues in our data center and are working on it to fix it ASAP. TestProject will be back up very soon.

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TestProject is back up again. We are investigating the root cause to prevent an incedent like that from happening in the future.

Thank you for your patience and understaning. Happy testing everyone!


It’s up now and feels like it performs faster. Thank you!

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For me, executed tests do not show up in reports or any other history.
While running, monitor shows them and then they are gone.

Does anybody else have the same issue?

Can you please try again now? If the issue persists, please try restarting your agent.

Restarting all agents fixed the issue

@eldar I appreciate the reply, but several hours after the start of the incident is kind of rough. TestProject did not publish any public status of the site, nor a tweet, nor any other indication that humans are aware of the issue and are investigating.

In the future, what is the proper avenue that you want your customers to go through to receive status updates about outages? Is the forum the right place to check? If so, do you all have any intent on improving your response times during service outages?

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Hi @josh.sullivan, a dedicated status page will be available in the near future.

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@eldar that’s excellent news, thank you!