Synchronize webapp and mobileapp testing

Hello there,

I am discovering your plateform and trying to create some scenarios on my app.
It is a e-signature plateform, revolving around a webapp. In some context, we may have some features on a mobile app.

An example would be :

  1. I go on the webapp to see my signature task, I send it to my mobile app.
  2. I open my push notification on my phone
  3. I sign my document on my phone
  4. Back on the webapp, I can see my document signed and I download it

Is this kind of workflow possible with your plateform ?

Hi there, sorry to have to disappoint you, unfortunately TestProject is not a viable solution anymore. Tricentis stopped development and support about two months ago, and since then stability has eteriorated fast. We are discussing good alternatives in the thread with Alternatives for TP