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SwitchTo frame - Find elements


I need to find an element (textbox) inside a frame. I could find the frame but I can not select the textbox in the next step.


Hi @edsoncorvo7,

You are working from the recorder or via code?

hello @amit.yahav


Hi @edsoncorvo7,

In the recorder, you will have to create this textbox element manually.
You can open the website on a different browser and select the locator of the textbox element. Then, in the recorder, create new element using this locator and type the text to it.

Ok @amit.yahav

Let me try it, thanks

Sure, let me know if you will need my help :wink:

Hello @amit.yahav

I’m trying to replicate this code:


with the recorder but I can’t.

Hi @edsoncorvo7,
You need to create new element in the recorder. You can choose the “name” locator with the value: “Client”.