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Switch between steps & code

Good framework, especially the reports.

Initially android mobile had some issues; Presently it looks to be working good.

It will be great if one can switch between steps & code (similar to Katalon).

Also conditions like if-then-else & switch will help a lot to improve the overall application

Hello @arun.vu3jom.

Thank you for the kind words, we appreciate it.

On to the topics at hand,
What are you referring to when you mean ‘switching between steps & code’ ?
If you’re referring to using custom code inside your recorded tests, that can be accomplished creating and uploading addons:

Addons are code blocks you can create with any functionality you might need if it does not already exist in the addons section:

As for if-else conditions, that can currently be accomplished as well by inverting step results and using recovery tests, we are also expanding this option right now:

If you have any ideas about how we can try improving the if-else logic, please let us know here.

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