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Swipe to particular element

I want to swipe to a particular element irrespective of the direction that we provide ie Up/Down . This particular element switches its place after each time I perform the test. So it’s making me difficult to find that element through automation. This is easier when we write appium script with UiScrollable. I would like to have similar functionality like this.


i m not able to find swipe to element actionScreenshot 2021-11-12 101945

extended swipe does the same thing, but also gives you more control on its behaviours, have you tried that instead?.

The element I m seeking changes its position after each time I open the app, so I need to swipe to that element till it finds it.It can be Up or Down

ahh think I understand,
i have had this, what I’ve done is have 1 step that swipes down, then on that step i have a recovery step that swipes up.
this way it try one direction if that would fail the step it will then run the recover to swipe in other direction

what do you mean recovery step?

under advanced options, can find recovery test