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Swipe Left

I am setting up a test to run for one of our Websites. After logging in, the user has to swipe left through 4 windows to get to the main user area. When recording the test, it is only recording the click of the div and not the action of the swiping. I found the “Flick Gesture” which may be the solution I need but am not sure how to make it work properly.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mike,

We have developed and shared a quick add-on that should support your needs, it’s available now in TestProject store!
To use it, go to Addons->TestProject, locate "Web Touch Gestures " and Install it.
Open your test, go online, locate the element that you want to flick with TestProject element inspector (attached screenshot that describe how to do it), go to actions and find “Flick element” – select it. In the action options you have several values that you have to supply: X_offset, Y_offset and Direction

let us know if it helps!