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Swipe and Find Addon

im currently testing and app that need to perform swipe. it will run 5 times swipe and then find the expected element.
however, im trying use swipe and find Addon. i set the maximumSwipes is 5, its worked on 1st swipe.
but then got this error.


Maximum swipes (1) performed, element was not found.

im expecting to do 5 swipe and find the element. because the element is on last page

how the addon worked? is the addon will do swipe and check if the element is not found then he will continue on the next swipe until 5 times and check the element?

The swipe action will swipe your screen in the direction you give it until you have reached your maximum amount of set swipes or the timeout you have set expired.
In this example:

I am searching for the title element ‘Computer’, I wanted to swipe up to it so I set the direction to DOWN.
The margins are the distance from each side of the screen.
In this example I set them to 20 20, meaning a large swipe.
And the general timeout, is the time it will take you to perform all the swipes.