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Swipe and count

hello @ran.tzur,
i have a scenario,
count funtion count the element on only displayed page/screen, if elements are present of on more than one screen i.e i need to swipe to the next page and count again but its not accurate. one or more items may miss in a swipe in android.
so is there any function or addon that counts and swipe together? or that counts while scrolling/swiping? android.
Suppose two elements A,B
there are 20 elements with A resource-id, one element with B resource-id.
there are 4 A elements on a single screen. next screen after swipe should contain next 4 elements. So B element will be five swipes away.
i want to scroll/swipe to B element and count all the A elements in the way/path.
?? i hope you understand

Hello @ahmad
At the moment, the scroll and count are separate, we will consider adding such in one action.
In the mean while, you can swipe a page using the Full page swipe, then count the elements using the count elements action, check if you reached B, if B is not visible, do the same thing again until B is visible.

@ran.tzur how to use full page swipe ? is it accurate that it will swipe exact full page every time?
and plz provide scroll and count together asap.

The action is called swipe full page sideways, you can then choose which swipe direction to use.
It will swipe on how many pages you decide, you can put 1 to swipe only one page at a time.


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Thank you @ran.tzur. its working fine