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Support for loading custom chrome extensions with visual test creator

Hi, I am pretty new to the platform. I am trying to evaluate my business project for TestProject and one of my requirements is a support for loading chrome extensions that could be used in testing. I know it’s possible if OpenSDK is utilized but I am not in favor of creating a typical scripted framework. So I would rather like to know if visual test creation with an agent can support loading packed/unpacked extensions somehow.

Hi @pgoose ,
You can execute any test with a preconfigured Chrome Edge or Firefox profile by following these guides:


If the extension is already downloaded in the profile which you provided then the test is effectively running with the extension installed.

Alternatively you can create a designated profile for the automation install the extension on that profile and then use the created profile for that purpose.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Thanks @Amit.Lacher , that really helped. Now I am able to run a job with extensions pre-loaded.
2 further questions:

  • the extension seems to be blocked when I navigate to it through pre-defined actions (like navigate to)

    but when I click on the extension manually inside a run, I am able to navigate successfully. How to unblock it for the scripted action?
  • the extension is only pre-loaded in a defined job but it would be really convenient to have it pre-loaded when test is being worked on (right now I need to add additional actions to install extensions manually which introduces a mess in generated script). How to achieve that?

Hi @pgoose,
You can add more selenium desired capabilities that might help with Chrome blocking your addon.
Regarding your second issue, can you contact us on our live chat so we can take a look at your specific case.