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Sudden close app during test

Message: Underlying framework error occurred during automation execution.

during the testing it suddenly close the app and automatically failed the case,
what is this mean?

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Is this a mobile test? Did the device stay connected when it happened?
  2. Does this happen every time you run the test or does it happen once?
  3. Does this happen in a specific app? What about other apps?
  4. Does this happen in a specific step? If so please provide more information on this action.
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Hi Sir Yosef,
thanks for the reply,

  1. Yes this is mobile testing and it connected at all times (emulator)
  2. Sometimes it is sometimes it is not.
  3. It happen on other apps as well.
  4. it appears random.

Thanks for the info.
Please send us your Agent logs to support@testproject.io
You can download the logs as shown below: