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Sub test/steps in recording tests

I’m new in test project. I would like to know if there is a possibility to have a sub step. Example if cell x contains value v1 then check if cell y value v2.

Thank you!

Hello @wajinou,

Reading the provided example, seems like the best approach for you will be implementing if-else conditions in your test,

Step 1:

You can get the text from cell X, using the “Get Text” action, and save the output in a parameter:


Step 2:

Then, the next step will be a conditional step, validating the value of the value1 parameter, and perform an action only if the condition on value1 met.
Create the required step, click on the “Advanced Options” button and scroll-down to the “Conditions” section. add the parameter you created in the step above.


This way, step number 2 will be executed only if the value of the action in step number 1 matches the condition, otherwise, it will be skipped.

You can read more about implementing if-else logic in your tests over here: