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Strange behavior when editing yaml files with the recorder

So if i have a test A that imports another test B, when i download test A as yaml it also contains test B as an aux test inside.
If i then modify tests A and B in the cloud platform, when i run the saved yaml with testproject-agent run test-A.yaml it uses the saved version of imported test B (as expected).
But if i use Open file to open the saved test-A.yaml in the recorder for editing, i see the old test steps that have been previously saved in test-A (as expected), but the imported test-B is the changed version from the cloud.
And since reloading the old version of test-B back in the cloud is not possible, it is essentially lost so i am not able to use and edit multiple versions of tests that import other tests.


Let us check this and get back to you ASAP.

Hi guys,
I was able to reproduce this. Any news on a fix ?
This is blocking us, since using the recorder on locally saved yaml files is useless in this case, because we cannot use it to edit tests that contain other tests.

it appears the agent is reading the subtests IDs, looks for them in the cloud and uses the ones it finds in testproject cloud.
I guess it should simply use the tests/subtests it finds in the yaml file


You are correct.
We will change this behavior in the next release.
I will keep you posted.

Nice. Thanks for the feedback @marat

Hello, @daniel.puchianu , @SjakieMaksym ,
The above issue has been resolved in version 2.2.0
You can now edit your test as expected.