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Storing Agent in GIT repo with Framework

I’ve been working on creating a python framework that utilizes Test Project in all it’s glory.
I’ve been using the recorded tests as a quick way to set up automation for a client and get them an automated regression test suite.

With that said, they have high security standards and the downloading of an agent from an “unknown site” is a concern for them. My workaround thought is, put agent.exe or whatever it is, into the GIT repo for my framework so that anyone can clone it and then register it online.

Can that be done? If not, is it something that could be on the horizon as a feature in the future? For example, chromedriver is an exe that one can include in their repo which makes it easier for clients/companies to accept its security risks.


It can be done, but then you will need to make sure uploading new versions of the agent to GIT once in a while, major releases are deployed every 6-8 weeks. Another solution in your case can be utilizing TestProject agent on docker hub, Docker Hub, you will have the most up to date agent version there, it’s well known repository and the agent registration process is simple by suppling API key only which simplify CI.

AH right right. I can add the Dockerfile to my project that can contain the agent and update it when needed. Thanks! I knew that but didn’t even think of it. Cheers!