Storage space not reported correctly in user account!

Hello testproject,
We encountered an issue regarding the storage space in out account , although we have deleted all the reports and screenshots the remaining space is less than 1MB.
In testproject dashboard there is no way to see how this space usage is distributed over .
Using Chrome’s built-in web developer tools we discoverd that the (screenshot) are not really deleted:
{Key: “Screenshots”, Value: 14727299764}

Are you guys aware of this and/or how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Having the same issue. Also, storage increase requests are getting ignored. Can’t use reports due to that.

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@CoHuK , your storage qouta was increased. We are looking into the issue.

Is this issue resolved (even that there is enough space on account, it shows that there is not enough space)? I reported this problem in April, and after that we got no reply on an issue. Thanks

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