Storage Issues (<1MB remaining )

Hello, for a long time we have a storage problem, from which many people are affected, as I have read here in the forum.

The storage fills up faster than it should and deleting old reports doesn’t help because less storage is released than it should, so over time the storage fills up and increasing the storage is only a temporary solution.

Dear testprojct team, it would be great if you could give feedback on this, if the problem is already known. I understand that you don’t offer support for testproject anymore, but this problem is extremely annoying, as it means that there are no screenshots available, which makes the evaluation of the test results much more difficult.

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@eldar could you give some feedback please :slightly_smiling_face:

Just delete all ur reports. Only reports fills up ur space. Select data range by years, for example, from 2019 to 2022 and delete all reports. I think it will help you

Thanks for the tip, however it does not help because only a small part of the storage is released again.

Hmmm very strange… I just checked the repository and when I deleted all the reports, all the space was freed up. I think if you have other agents, just ask them to delete all the reports.