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Step in Reports is showing only a fragment of the screen shot

Steps in Reports show only a fragment of the screen shot.
It makes it difficult to troubleshoot when test fails on a certain step as I am unable to see any errors. Please could you let me know if there is any option that would allow me to see the screen shot of the whole page?

Hello @mkulik
You can use Take page screenshot action before a certain step:

This step allows you to save a whole page screenshot on your local storage.
Let me know if it helped you

Thank you for your reply @kfir.yosef .

Is there no simpler way to have whole page screenshot in Reports → Steps?

Test could fail at any step and I run a lot of tests. Adding a new step to a test each time it fails would be a bit cumbersome.
I am also running these tests from a Python app that runs tests by talking to your API. I have many apps running in containers in k8s cluster. I am not sure where could I output the screen shot and how to view that.

I have found the issue. My reports were set to Last 20 executions I changed them to Last 30 days and all tests are showing now.