Starting Test through API

I start my tests by calling on the API.
I get my agentID and my TestID and my ProjectID.
Then I pass along a whole bunch of ProjectParameters.

I tried again this morning and a code 200 was returned on the run test.
But no executions are in progress, nothing seems to have been started.
I tried it again on their swagger page.
“id”: “BeFzBUtPP0mK4fxjRmt3mg”,
“type”: “TEST”,
“name”: “Aanslag_klant-API-ACC”,
“executionStart”: “2022-07-19T06:46:23.6175969Z”

Again a 200 is returning with an ID.
With that ID I check the execution state

Again a 200 is returned with

“state”: “Ready”,
“agent”:{The name of the agent}

Not sure what state ready means.

So I ask for an execution report and I get a 404

message: Couldn’t find a report that matches the specified executionId

So then I check all queued executions and I find that all the test I have tried to start are queued.

What is going on with this?
Does anyone know?