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Start recording half way through existing test

Hello! is there a way to start recording in the middle of an existing test? For example see screenshot below. That’s an existing test, I’d like to start recording right after step 5. This is useful for when flow changes and you need update existing test to adapt.

Hello @jrivero and thanks for reaching out.

You can continue your recording from a certain step by hitting the record button to open the recorder window and then finding the step you would like to continue from and selecting the ‘Run until here’ option.

This will take you to that step in the recording and you can continue editing your test from there and you won’t need to run the entire recording or each step individually.

David, thanks for getting back to me.
I tried your suggestion, unfortunately when you start recording again, the steps are recorded at the end of step list.

As you suggested, I ran the test until step 5 then started recording again and instead of the steps being appended before step 6, they were added at the bottom of the step list.

It’d be so useful if you could start recording in the middle of an existing test and those steps are appended from where you started. Is there way to do this? Thanks.

I had assumed you meant running your test to a certain point and then to continue appending steps to your test as usual.

You can drag and drop the new created test steps to any position you need them to be after they are created, you can group many of these steps into a test and drag and drop it instead of carrying each one of these individually.

You can also ‘insert’ individual steps between others by duplicating a test step and editing the duplicate.