Speed up tests recording and execution

Hello! I have an issue with execution speed of my tests. Difference is more than 6 times of execution via TestProject compared to real user flow. Is there any way to speed it up? I tried already changing execution speed within each step to fast. Also I use CSSs rather than XPATHs. I tried running in different browsers. Nothing helped. I am working on Apple M1 Pro/32 GB Memory. Thanks in advance!

@hhutnichenko_2 , Hi! Strange, Have you tried running the test cases in parallel? Try also to execute in Headless version of your browser.

@renato.lbf Hi! I compared speed on example of just one test, so nothing to run in parallel. Headless mode improved speed just a bit, but it does not solve the problem in general. Unfortunately can’t attach video here for better understanding

@hhutnichenko_2, if you have availability, install the testproject agent on another remote computer, for example, to see if the performance changes, I’ve never tested it on an Apple device, here it’s very fast on Windows PC, here for example a TestCase with 40 steps of verification, takes 40 seconds to complete.

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