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Source control for recorded tests so they can stay as such

I know you can source control the coded tests in your local environment, and can export the recorded tests to code and then put in source control, but then to “reload from an earlier state” you would have to add them back in as coded tests. For our purposes we want as much to stay recorded as possible. This could even just be a history within TestProject of changes made to a test.

Hey @snelzing,

Currently, there is no official feature of Source Control, but there is an option to control your test versions by doing the following steps:

  1. Enter your project.
  2. Mark all the tests related to your work.
  3. Click on the three dots from one of the tests you marked.
  4. Click on “Duplicate X tests” (X = sum of the test you marked).
  5. Click on “+ new folder”.
  6. Fill the name and the description of your folder (Date and time for example).
  7. Mark the duplicated tests, click on the three dots and click on “Move X tests to folder”.

This way, you actually created a version that you can always go back to.
**Remember that all the Elements you are creating are saved per Application, once you will change some created element in some test, it will change in all the tests that use the same application/website.

Kind regards,

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