Some problems with iOS record\run and start as test

Often i see some problems with my iPad 8 (ios 15.0.2) and iPhone XS as well like

  1. i create test with recorder, ofter use Run when i build my test to be sure all fine
  2. and when i saved my test i go to my test in “Project” and run it
  3. The system says me that i can watch my progress in Monitor, so im on
  4. In monitor category i see that its endless preparing for test.
    The solution i found is that i need to restart my agent on my Win10. Sometimes it doesnt help and plus to this i restart agent on my ios device as well.

It happens only if i use recorder\run within tests and after trying execute it in monitor.
Maybe its not about iOS issue, maybe this is agent works like that but yeah, its annoying to have this problem.

Hi @vrapsa,
Sometimes after multiple executios there are a lot of process remaining open on the target device.
Rebooting that device should solve the issue by terminating all these proccess.
Restarting your your own computer should be redundent and if it does seem to fix the issue please let us know.
If the issue persists please contact us on Intercom chat or at
Let me know if you managed :slight_smile:

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