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(SOLVED) What is best way to track parameter values in the test recorder?

When I’m building a test with the recorder, there are times that I want to know what the values of my output parameters are. I have to eventually find a text box somewhere on the page to ‘echo’ it out to. There is a section to show the list of parameters and the default value, but no current value?

I saw that the Reports section has what I am looking for, but it requires me to run the test normally and not through the recorder.

You can hover over the parameter to view the value. In this instance I clicked into the test step and hovered over the output parameter.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It’s funny because I worked that out on the same day. Unfortunately it wasn’t intuitive and I don’t think everyone knows about it. It’s definitely helpful after you figure it out. Thanks for letting me know though :slight_smile: Hopefully people searching the forums will now know.