So where is everyone going once this closes shop in March?

My team has already jumped to and honestly I’m loving it (I don’t have to automate mobile apps so that feature isn’t a big deal, but it’s coming to Testim in the near future from what I hear. ). I mentioned it months ago that this is a dead end software and people didn’t want to believe me, yet here we are. I heart goes out to the teams that will have to rebuild thousands of test regardless of the application you decide on, you have my sympathy and I hope it’s a mostly painless transition.

Happy Trails

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We are on a shortlist with another vendor to try their mobile testing solution when they release it. Until then, I’m going to be watching this thread for recommendations.

I am looking for a mobile solution as well.

Anyone has any idea if existing tests could be imported in other tools like Katalon if i export the current project in Java ? I tried to import it, but i don’t see any solution when it comes to libraries/addons/packages related to test project used by the java files.

I am considering also cypress or playwright, but this would require rewriting everything from scratch which is very time consuming.

Any suggestion would be more than welcome. And good luck everyone!

Currently considering accelq and testsigma since I need mobile testig


Hi @mshiamma. You can also export to C# or Python. The result is almost pure selenium or appium except when you are using addons. Please read this TestProject documentation for more information.

Hi @sboehm. Testim will launch mobile testing features soon! Sneak peek

Hi @btovar. Testim will launch mobile testing features soon! Sneak peek

Really sad! I also liked TestProject a lot…
Having used a few other programs, I must say that appears to be an excellent substitute. They provide no-code test recording, integrate with all of the popular CI/CD pipelines (such as Bitrise, Github Actions, etc.), and also provide a free subscription.

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Our company read the writing on the walls earlier this year and have been trying to move to Robot Framework. Whether it works or not, we do know that we’ll be staying away from any Tricentis products.


We have a web application. We tested out

  • Selenium
  • Cypress
  • Testim
  • WebdriverIO
  • Protractor
  • Playwright

Winner by far was Playwright (stable, fast, parallelism, CI/CD integrations, well documented, good support). Cypress came in as second, the reason is their trade-offs. The cost is the cost of time spent creating and maintaining the tests, it’s open-source as is Cypress and Selenium.

The test recorder (“codegen”) of Playwright is not, and probably will never be as good as TestProjects, but at the end of the day it wasn’t a problem.

For API testing we use Postman.

Curious if anyone has tested out Katalon? It seems to have a lot of good features similar to Test Project but I understand it’s written almost on it’s own code base or something?

I tested katalon for a few weeks and felt it was cumbersome for no good reason. It took a few meetings with their engineers to solve a very basic interaction with our web application. I’d say the best way for me to describe it is archaic in it’s use to me. Others may feel differently and their applications may respond differently with the tool.

It definitely has an older feel to it since it’s a desktop App, but I do like the way it seems fairly easy to duplicate/change steps in the app / add delays etc. I also like that the UI components are all on easy display for me to tweak. We have an application built on a super old-school UI framework where the ID’s are generated on load (so change everytime the page is re-loaded) which makes latching onto elements super annoying!

I might try out Playwright also as per Wilho’s suggestion

How about the Appium

In case we want to continue with Tricentis, what is the fastest way to keep our existing tests running in the new platform?
Which tool shall we purchase and how will migration be performed?

@james.walsh I tried Katalon for a few weeks. I thought that it was pretty good. Really, it boils down to your needs are.

  1. How fast you need to spin up tests
  2. How complex your application under test is
  3. The technologies that you guys are using
  4. How mature your testers are and how comfortable they are with the technical side of automation (the ones using the tool for automating tests)

If your testers are comfortable with the technical side, I’d say Katalon is a very powerful tool. From my standpoint, I very much prefer a local install client vs having a cloud solution. With Katalon you don’t run the risk of like with Tricentis and TestProject losing your tests when the application gets axed. This is my biggest gripe since with most 3rd party tools. Once you write your test in their tool you’re pretty much caged in. They make it so that if you want to go with a new tool, you would have to start over from scratch. With Katalon, since it’s Selenium based, you’re not caged in. However unlike an off the shelf product you’ll have to build everything from the ground up.

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And Endtest? Anyone has worked with Endtest? I have recently watched a video and I seems to me interesting.