Smart recorder unable to identify the Locator

Hi Team,

I am in the process of automating a native app where it redirects to internal mail app and sends an email automatically. But smart recorder doesn’t work when the app redirects to internal mail app, Its unable to act and extract the locators of the Internal mail app window. is there any limitations of smart recorder? any help is much appreciated. Please let me know incase of any clarifications

Note:- i am automating IOS apps using Windows machine. other Native app are working fine except the above scenario


Hi @shankar
Can you please send us a few screen shots of the app,
Sometimes on mobile applications not all elements are detected, in this case we have 2 workarounds.

1.Tap at relative point action, find the element and adjust where to tap inside the element

I have added a chart that explains how to use it:


2.If its an iOS Flutter app
You can follow this

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Hi Tal,

Thanks for the response.

I have attached the screenshot of the mail app for your reference, in that screenshot Smart recorder unable to locate or click on the elements in the window. for example if i try to click on Compose email button which is at the top right. it doesn’t able to click that particular element to extract the locators. instead it focuses only on the whole window. Any assitance is much appreciated thanks in advance,


i tried your solutions but it doesn’t work, No action is taking place. Smart recorder is running infinitely to locate the element and i have to forcefully stop the operation by clicking ALT+S. if you could add this in feature enhancement request it would be helpful for us. Please let me know incase of any clarifications.

Hi @shankar,
Can you please contact us at our support mail about this issue -
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