Smart Recorder opens new tab on Windows

Hello all! This may be newbie question, but while recording on a windows machine certain tasks open a new tab within the browser. But this does not happen on MacOS when I record.

As an example, If I use and search for a product and add it to the ‘cart’ on windows it will open in a new tab. But if I do the same recording action on MacOS it stays within the same tab.

Also, when I am not recording - the behavior of the website stays on the same tab as well which is what I would expect while recording.

This is becoming a pain point for my team as we run on different OSs and as of now cannot share tests as they fail.

Is there a config or setting to keep the recording actions on the same tab?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @CassiereJ,
The difference should be in a application behavior and not related to the recorder.
If the application behavior is different between operating systems, there is not much we can do from our side, as it is something that should get resolved in the application level.
If you believe the behavior is only different when the recorder is used on the application, please contact us with a test that can reproduce such behavior.
It would also be benefical to include the logs from different machines.
Logs can be found here:

Let me know if there is anything I can assist with.

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