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Slow execution on different actions for same element

Hi, I am curious that when I use different actions for same element, which I use clear content and set text for [Price], it always says the clear content is not able to find the element, while the AI is able to get it. How can it be able to be searched? As it makes the execution being slow. Thx.


Sorry I am still new user, can only post one photo each time.

Hello @tomsonycs.

It seems that the step has indeed passed.

If the element was missing using the initial locator and self-healing was performed, you would get an indication of this on screen with a yellow stripe next to the step in the recorder and a notification of which locator is suggested to replace the existing one:


Currently the pop-up may appear for addon action regardless for the element being located using the initial locator, it should not affect the speed if the element is still located with the first element.

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