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Slack "Additinal_Text" does not populate

Hello people of Test Project.

I am trying to use the “message slack” operation as a step within a test to track down a niggly little issue, I’ve setup the web hook and I am able to get the Title and Text fields through to the slack channel. However, the “Additonal_Text” field never populates through to the slack message.

Has anyone else got that sending through to slack successfully? Am i missing something ?

Hello @gavin.hewitt
Did the step pass?
Can you please send me a screenshot of how the step was defined in the test itself.

Can confirm that the step is succesfull. Obviously redacted anything relating to the software :slight_smile:
The random “test” does not go through to slack as evidenced below:


Sorry @gavin.hewitt
From the look at the recent Slack docs Sending messages using Incoming Webhooks | Slack
It seems that additional text is no longer a valid input so it is ignored.
You can input all the required text in the text field instead.

Ahh thats fine :slight_smile: I can do that i just like to inform if theres an issue too if anyones working in that area too :slight_smile:
Thanks as always