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Skip the Test Step


If ranger does not exist in second box then select from the first box and move it to the second box.(this will be normal flow)

But If rangers exists in second box then skip the next test step( of selecting rangers from 1st box) and proceed remaining test steps.

Hello @hafsa
You can use if visible validation with a recovery test.
For example:

What will actually happen is that the agent will check if the element is visible if it does not visible the step will fail and then in case of failure he will run the recovery test which will be the addition of the item that you will prepare in advance.
If the element is found, the test will proceed to the next steps.

Side note, you can convert a step to a test:
You can simply create your steps in your test and then bind them to a test that you can use in all your tests, for example:

Choose the steps

And click Group step into a Test and give it a name

You can now call this test from all your tests in the project

Let me know if you were able to do so.

Thanks @kfir.yosef it worked well .