Single Step Thru a Test

I want to set a breakpoint at a particular test step, execute up to that point, and then single step from there(for debug purposes). How do I do that?

I figured out how to do it on my own:

  1. Select Record (using the Test in question) but do not select Run. The website that will be tested opens, and on top of the website, the TestProject Editor (or whatever you call it) overlays as well.
  2. Hover on the test step where you want to halt, and select the 3 dots on the right side. It shows “Run until here, Run from here, Disable, and Duplicate”
  3. Select “Run until here” (The Run buttton is automatically selected). This is effectively stopping at the breakpoint.
  4. To single step from that point, hover the mouse on the step that it stopped at. On the right side is a carrot (’>’), a magnifying glass, a red ‘X’, and the 3 dots. The carrot (’>’) is the Run control just for that step. To single step from there through to the end of the test, sequentially select that Run (’>’) on each of the test steps.

Also just fyi, the magnifying glass looks like it highlights whatever element the step is dealing with. so you can easily check if you are using/pointing to the element that you were intending.

Also, if you select the Run button for that step, it executes that step, and then if you select it again, it will just re-execute that step. It is not like code, where the Program Counter would typically have incremented to the next step.

Thank you, @psansom, for sharing your insights with the community!
The solution you found is indeed the correct one.

Happy testing!

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