Similar tools like TestProject

Hi Testproject community,
Did anyone migrate from Testproject to another tool?
Can someone share his findings?
I did not find other tool that do all the things that Testproject provides. There are many tools but they lack of e2e testing like in Testproject.


Can I assume that there is such a tool like TestProject?

test sigma does that but its not open source

Tried test sigma and there are similiraties but the tool is not mature / stable enough like TestProject. I noticed many issues there.

Iā€™m tryingTestComplete, , it seems to have some of the features of TestProject even though the interface is old fashioned and much less agile than TestProject

Test complete not even close to TestProject.
As part of my research there is no such great tool like TestProject and itnis a shame that this tool will not keep on living.

No similar tool, TestProject is unique.

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