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Show 'Triggered By' value in latest runs / reports

Would be nice if we could easily see for each run in latest runs (as column) or in reports (as a tooltip) the ‘Triggered by’ fields which shows the Jenkins build.

This way we will easily match results between Jenkins and TestProject.


Also, it would be good to be able to use the trigger id in the search input box on the Reports page as you can get minimum 20 last executions which is a bit slow most of the times.

Hello @mshiamma
First, thanks for the improvement suggestions, I will pass this on to my team and we will see if it can be added in the future.
In the meantime, you can see similar information in the reports:


The reason i requested this is so that i locate specific jenkins reports much faster than just opening each finished report and checking the ‘triggered by’ field to see which is the one i need.

Thank you very much.