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Show Pass / Fail as test is executed on Monitor tab

It would be a nice feature to be able to see status of tests being executed for scheduled jobs, perhaps splashes of red where a fail exists with a hover over to provide a little more detail, in case users want to abort to address the fail prior to completing the execution of full job which may have many tests.

Hi, @lpodgorski,
Currently an execution report is uploaded in the end of the job, the data regarding a failed test in a job is only available when the execution finishes, with the current logic,this feature cannot be supported. We appreciate your suggestion.
A work around for that would be to create a CI build or a script that checks the last execution result of test/job before executing the next one.
Another solution you can use which is much simpler is to include all the tests as subtests in a main test, this way you control the behavior of what happens when a test fails for example fail the test (abort).