Shell command addon - Java security issue

Hi all!
Me and my team we are starting to use TestProject for automating a bunch of end-to-end test.
We really like the tool, in terms of usability and effectiveness.

We have adopted the Shell Command addon to launch some script on the agent machine, and we’ve managed to make it working.

Some days ago, the test step is not working anymore, as we are getting the following error: access denied (“” “<>” “execute”)

Can you please tell us how to get rid of that issue?

If any further information is need, just ask.

Thanks a lot in advance

we also have the same problem with Agent version 3. Everithing works fine using old version of Agent. I think it’s a problem introduced by Agent update and I also asked for support (Java AccessControlException on new version of Agent)

Thank you Ilaria, good hint!
I’ve tried to download a previous version (3.0.5 in my case) and everything is working fine.
I’ll keep an eye on the issue that you’ve mentioned, too, not to miss any progress

Hi, @e.bacci @ilaria,
Can you please check that you have the latest version of the addon Shell Commands

Please let me know if you still get this error after updating the addon.

Thank you for your response, in my case the issue is on a custom addon not on Shell Commands (Java AccessControlException on new version of Agent ).

I just solved the issue installing my addon with unrestricted permissions.

I’ve updated the addon and the agent again.
I confirm that the addon is now working, thank you!!