Share Test / Get Direct Link Fails

We are several users on the same Testproject account and we want to keep a track of tests on an internal document. We want to use the Get Direct Link or Share Test option to get a link to the test that we want to add to our document, so that any of us can easily go to the document, click on the link and go to the test directly. Should be straightforward enough.
We are able to generate this link and put it on our document. But when any of us even the person who shared the link, tries to open it, it gives an error - ‘Invalid Test sharing’. Screenshot attached.

This seems like quite a basic yet important feature that absolutely does not work.
Can someone help fix this or suggest another way ?

Hi @somshree.mukherjee,
As written in the error message - you are not able to share tests between users in the same account.
The account’s owner can give a user access to some projects or all of them.
Having access to different projects gives the user the ability to get access to these tests without a share link.

Sharing a test is meant for sharing between different accounts.