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Setting up Agent and Devices on the cloud

So I had a task to make UI tests for a Web app that will run on the Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and IE11 browsers, Chrome browser on Android devices (real or emulated), and Safari browser on iOS tablet (real or emulated). This was done.
The next thing is to set up all of this to run on the cloud (tests triggered by the webhook on Azure DevOps). Setting up a real machine with connected devices on which the tests would run is not an option.
As I understand I have the option to integrate device farm and use virtual agent and browsers/devices on it.

So my question is: Are there any other solutions? Can I somehow set up all of this in the VM on Azure?

Hello @ntatic and thanks for reaching out.

The local agent needs the devices/browsers the tests are set to execute on connected/installed on the local machine where the agent is currently running as the execution is done locally by it.

Should you choose to use BrowserStack or Sauce Labs, you’ll be able to get around that requirement and use the local agent or the virtual agent (which does not require an installation) to execute on any remote cloud device or browser they provide.

You can find more details about our integration with BrowserStack and Sauce Labs at our documentation here:

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